Making a Complaint With Consumer Services

How do I make a complaint to the Ministry of Consumer Services?


Before you determine whether you have a legitimate complaint, a consumer (YOU) should review the following:


1. Review your (evidence) – the documents you have regarding the contract, purchase, agreement, loan, – whatever the business transaction may have been. Remember, the better the paper trail, the better chance of a successful outcome for you.


2. Document your efforts at a successful outcome. This means keep copies of letters of demand or communications between you and the person or company you dealt with to demonstrate your efforts at resolving the matter.


3. When you send a complaint letter to a business or an individual identify the fact that you are dissatisfied with the goods or services. Be specific about what you want from the business, whether it’s a discount, a rebate, a return of the goods, or compensation in some other manner or form.


4. Keep a copy of the letter for yourself before sending it to the business or person. Send it in a way that you can track – hand deliver it with a witness, register mail, e-mail or fax.


5. If you get no response or if you are dissatisfied with the treatment you receive, and you are dealing with a business, you can submit a formal complaint to the Consumer Protection Branch. By doing this you may receive their assistance in resolving the matter or at least you may prevent someone else from encountering problems with this particular company.


To file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Branch you can access and file a complaint online at


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