Door to Door “salespeople” in the area!

“Just Energy” salespeople are in the area.  Police in Sudbury and Espanola are advising consumers of unscrupulous practices.

They begin by stating that they can save you money….they ask for your energy bill and this gives them access to your private information.  They advise that they want to see your bill in order to show you how they can save you money…but this is the beginning of the ruse.


They talk fast and they are pushy.  They go as far as stating that signing the five (5) year contract does not mean you agree to the actual contract….what they don’t tell you is that if you try and cancel the contract after you sing and before the 5 year contract is up, they will try and make you pay a penalty for cancelling early.


If you fall victim to one of these “salespeople” you will discover that trying to cancel the contract is just as frustrating.  If you try and call the customer service number, it will be busy…if you try and e-mail or fax them, the numbers provided will probably be incorrect.


The best thing to do with an energy salesperson is send them away.


If you fall victim to their sales pitch, don’t be embarrassed, you are not the first…but don’t hide the fact or try and live with the five year contract.


We can help….The Legal Clinic deals with many of these and we are in a position to reverse these deals.  Contact us at 705-461-3935….


Remember, if one of these salespeople show up at your door…ask to see their license to sell….all door to door sales agents are required to have a license from the city to do what they do.  If they have no license, this is one more reason to question their bill of goods.


Since Just Energy has struck in both Sudbury and Espanola, I am quite confident they will show up on your doorstep.  Be clear and be firm and if you feel pressured, call the police or call the Legal Clinic.