Do you belong to CAPP?

I received a call this past month from a newly created business in our area.  They called to inquire about the CAPP program and how to register.


In the discussion that followed they revealed that a potential consumer who was considering hiring them for their services asked them if “they belonged to CAPP?”


This question led them to our office, and then not only did they register, but once they were briefed on what CAPP is about, they acknowledged their support for the program.


It is this kind of interaction that we hoped for in creating the CAPP program.


Once consumers and businesses experience the “CAPP process” they will discover that this mechanism is a support rather than a hindrance.  The consumer who asked the question behaved exactly as we hoped.  The business in response to the consumer’s question found that this vehicle would serve to support their newly formed business.


More and more businesses from outside our area are catching on.  Businesses from Blind River, Spanish, Massey and as far as Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie are taking steps to contact the CAPP office and register with the program.


CAPP is growing and as people engage this service they are discovering alternatives to being left frustrated and without recourse when problems arise.  Sometimes, bringing the two sides together and giving them an opportunity to listen to each other, is all that is needed to pave the way to a resolution.  In those cases where mediation doesn’t work, the door to litigation remains open.


We have been very successful to date in facilitating resolutions to conflicts through mediation.


If you are a business and have not registered yet, there is no time limit.  Better to register in advance of being asked the question – Do you belong to CAPP?


If you are a consumer and have an inquiry or a comment – good or bad about the company or business person you dealt with – then contact CAPP.  Your experience may very well influence and help another person seeking a good and reputable business.  If you have consumer feedback and you are the consumer involved and your experience – good or bad has occurred over the past two years, the call and give us your information at 705-461-3935.


To register with CAPP you can download the registration form at  and fax it in at 705-461-3966 or call the CAPP office at the Legal Clinic at 705-461-3935.


If you have questions about the program or feedback and suggestions, please contact me at the CAPP office or write me at