Contracts – Door to Door Salespeople… Be Aware!

Have you ever sat down to dinner only to be interrupted by a knock at the door?

Door-to-door sales are very common in Elliot Lake.  Very often, “energy” salespeople approach residents in this manner. The Legal Clinic advises all residents to be cautious when dealing with any salespeople who come to their door.

In order to protect yourself,

– NEVER show your bills to anyone even if they say they are from a company that  you deal with;
– NEVER give personal information; and
– NEVER sign anything at your door.

If the company’s service or product is really good, then they should not have any problem leaving their materials so that you can review them and get advice.

You should always review all information thoroughly before agreeing to any kind of contract.  Make sure to read the entire contract and find out how much it would cost you to end the contract.  Take the time to contact the Legal Clinic and have them review the contract.  Staff at the Legal Clinic will review these documents for free.

If a salesperson at your door tries to pressure you or yells at you, just close the door.  If necessary you can call the police for assistance.

If you have a complaint about an energy company or any company, you should make your complaint to that company – in writing.  In the case of an energy contract, you should contact the Ontario Energy Board if:

– the complaint is not resolved
– you have been signed up for a contract without your permission
– you were pressured by a salesperson, or
– your were not provided information about what you were getting into.


Contact the Ontario Energy Board at 1-888-632-9355 or at


Consumer Protection Branch of the Ministry of Government Services at 1-800-889-9768.


Call the Legal Clinic at 461-3935 if you need more information or assistance – or access our website at