CAPP Update 2014


“Clinic Assistance to Promote and Protect”


The CAPP program office continues to receive and process business registration forms as well as receive ongoing inquiries from consumers about specific businesses – in some cases to praise their service and performance, for others to vent their frustrations and disappointments….


We have registered over 400 businesses to date and we continue to receive forms regularly.


The CAPP program began in December 2011.   Although many citizens have used it….many more rely or turn to “neighbours for advice and recommendations” only to discover that the services or repairs they expected to receive are lacking.


We continue to encourage businesses to register and we continue to invite our citizens to access this resource prior to engaging an individual or company.

DO YOU BELONG TO CAPP?  is an easy question to pose by someone looking to engage the services of another…If they say NO, then ask them WHY?  Their answer will be an indicator of who you are dealing with.  It will also alert you to what may lie ahead in doing business with them.


At the end of the day, your experience as a consumer is the driving force to making this “tool” successful.  Participation in the CAPP will provide another safeguard against those who may want to take advantage of a situation and promise goods or services which they cannot fulfill.


We are entering the fall and winter seasons.  People are beginning to plan for snow removal, indoor renovations and perhaps even a timely purchase of new goods or appliances.  Whatevere the situation, doing your homework may avoid frustration and heartache over a botched or inadequate agreement.


As information about the program “gets out”, more and more residents and businesses are eager to “PARTICIPATE IN CAPP”!

Over the past few years the program has grown in both numbers and effectiveness as participation increases.  Consumers are calling to verify the integrity of companies they are considering for service and businesses are registering at an increasing rate.


Since the program is “consumer driven” the impetus for registering and participating comes from consumers themselves as they investigate and question companies and individuals who are looking to do business for them.


In addition, the Clinic has successfully mediated through the CAPP program.  This win/win approach has generated an outcome characterized by satisfied consumers and good company profiles.


For us at the Legal Clinic, the value of this program has already been demonstrated.  Our ability to promote local businesses while assisting clients with information that empowers them is clearly achieving the goals of this program.


We believe with time, this model may very well serve as a blueprint for other communities.


If you are doing business in Elliot Lake and would like to register you can do so by downloading a CAPP registration on at our website – or call 705-461-3935.


Consumers can call 705-461-3935 ext 1 for information about a company or individual they are considering for their services.